2019 Land Rover Defender Goes Semi-Autonomous

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The 2019 Land Rover Defender is making its way to the market soon and when it does it will bring with it some features that are set to stun.

One of these features is off road semi-autonomous driving. However this may not be in the form that you think. The 2019 Land Rover Defender isn’t going to be able to drive itself. What it will come with is a system that can detect any changes in the road ahead and adapt.

The 2019 Land Rover Defender will know if there is a puddle in the road and it would then change to accommodate it. It is going to offer up the eight speed dual clutch, which should be perfect for going off the road. At the moment the self-driving tech has the name of POLAR3.

Are you looking forward the arrival of the 2019 land Rover Defender with its semi-autonomous driving capabilities?

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