2019 Land Rover Defender: Get Ready For Stunning New Features

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We are expecting to see the return of the Land Rover Defender during 2019 and many people just cannot wait to see how well the vehicle goes up against the new version of the Jeep Wrangler, which should be coming out in 2018.

This time around Jeep is going for variety with the Land Rover Defender and it is going to come packed with plenty of technology and advanced features that may leave the Jeep Wrangler stunned.

We are expecting the 2019 Land Rover Defender to arrive with off-road semi-autonomous driving, however don’t expect this to be a system that allows you to drive without your hands on the steering wheel.

The carmaker is looking more to a self-driving system that allows the Land Rover Defender to adapt automatically based on the predicated changes to the ground conditions.

The carmaker did give an example in that the speed of the vehicle would automatically be cut if the vehicle encountered a large puddle, to a safe and comfortable level. Another example was that the vehicle would change the driver setting if it detected changes to the terrain via the radar system.

We may also see the Land Rover Defender with another brand new piece of hardware, the eight-speed dual clutch transmission; this would come with off the road drivers in mind. At the moment the system has the name of the POLAR 3 and it can handle as much as 442 of torque.

So get ready for the 2019 Land Rover Defender and the stunning new features that the vehicle is bringing with it.

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