2019 Land Rover Defender: Can’t Fight Off Copycats

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We still have a long time to wait for the arrival of the 2019 Land Rover Defender and in the meantime the vehicle has to fight off copycats, such as a new one from Ineos.

Ineos are going ahead and making what they claim is an uncompromising 4×4 that is going to reflect the philosophy of the Land Rover Defender. Ineos is a chemical firm but they are taking advantage of the gap in the market as the Defender isn’t making its way out until 2019 after a long gap in production.

Jim Ratcliffe is the head of the company and it was last July when the Land Rover Defender replica was considered. The company is now looking at investing hundreds of millions in making a new vehicle in the UK that will reflect the philosophy of the Defender.

Ineos believe that they can offer a vehicle that will be attractive around the world, for those who love the 4×4 driving experience along with those in agriculture, forestry work and explorers. While they are one of the biggest manufactures in the world this would be the first time that they have come up with a vehicle.

The boss of Ineos said that it is a fantastic project and they are determined to build a 4×4 that is pure and which would fill the gap that the Land Rover Defender left behind. It is thought that the vehicle would have a diesel powertrain and the US and Africa would be prime markets.

Of course Ineos have to get by Land Rover first as only last year the company stopped another company in Canada from using the name Defender on their all-terrain vehicle.

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