2019 Land Rover Defender: Can They Actually Keep The Balance?

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The tricky part about upgrading models like the Land Rover Defender is that the fans of such models already have an idea of what the vehicle should look like. Although most people would welcome some changes, most of them would not be happy with the automaker stray too far from the original design.

Land Rover has made it clear that they will be giving the Land Rover Defender and upgrade and while we still have not seen the upgraded model yet, we do know that the vehicle will be keeping the underpinning which suggests that Land Rover is trying to not stray too far.

However, Richard Woolley, the design studio director for Land Rover did say that the vehicle will be different. In fact, he thinks that it needs to be different and that the new Land Rover Defender will be so impressive that it might outshine the 2019 Mercedes G-Class.

It would be interesting to see if Land Rover can actually keep the balance between old and new. The 2019 Land Rover Defender will be coming in at the end of this year to as part of Land Rover’s 70th Anniversary.

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