2019 Huawei Smartphone Might Get There Before Samsung?

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Talks about Samsung possibly offering a foldable smartphone next year has been going on for some time now but new reports are now suggesting that Huawei might get there before them.

We won’t really be that surprise if that happens. According to Richard Yu, the Executive Director of Huawei, the company is working on a foldable device that will not only sport a huge display but it will also support 5G tech. In fact, he hinted that the display would be about 7inch or more.

He did not reveal any more details about the device but most people believe that the device will be similar to what Samsung is working on where it can not only be a smartphone but also a tablet when it is open up.

With everything that it will have to offer, we can foresee that the device will probably be very pricey. As for whether they will get there before Samsung, we will have to wait and see.

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