2019 Honda Accord: Younger Generation Saves The Day?

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Clearly, sedans are not the most popular type of vehicle right now and while some automakers like Ford has chosen to leave it behind and focus more on trucks, crossovers, and SUVs, Honda is still working hard to keep their Honda Accord around.

The 2018 Honda Accord was just given a major upgrade and while most people were happy with what Honda had to offer, the sales weren’t reflecting that but some people think that it could change soon.

Although it does not look like the demand for crossover and SUVs will slow down, some people believe that the younger buyers would be looking for something different as they do not want to have the same vehicles as the older buyers and that is where models like the Honda Accord would come in.

At this point, things are certainly not looking too good for the sedan models but do you think it will get better or should Honda just give up?

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