2019 Honda Accord: What Else Can Honda Do?

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While some automakers have made it clear that they will be paying less attention to their sedan models and focus more on their SUVs and trucks, Honda seems to still be invested in their sedan models.

To give the Honda Accord more chance of survival, Honda gave the 2018 model an exterior upgrade that was actually pretty good. Everybody seems to be happy with the upgrades that the 2018 Honda Accord was given but it looks like it was not enough to convince them to actually buy the Accord.

To sweeten the deal even further, Honda announces that the Accord will be getting a cut in lease price but at this point, we are not sure that is going to be enough. The 2019 Honda Accord will most likely look similar to the 2018 and has all the same feature. Do you think it will get better or worst for the Honda Accord?

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