2019 Honda Accord: Time To Let Go?

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It is clear that unlike Ford, Honda is not ready to let their sedan go just yet as they have just given their Honda Accord an upgrade last year.

This year, Honda also announce that they will be cutting the lease price of the Honda Accord and while that should make the Accord more appealing, a lot of people seems to think that there is no point trying to hold on to it now.

It is clear that the demand for sedan models have been dropping as the consumer turn their attention to crossovers and SUV models which is a pity as the current Honda Accord would have probably done pretty well with all the upgrades that Honda gave it.

In fact, the public’s response to the 2018 Honda Accord was quite positive as the consumer seems to like what Honda had to offer in term of performance, design, tech and features but maybe it is just not enough to actually convince them to get one as the sales numbers are not looking to great right now.