2019 Honda Accord: Is There Anything More Honda Can Do?

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Despite everything that the 2018 Honda Accord has to offer now, the sales number is just not looking too good but is Honda really the one to blame here?

When Honda first took the covers off their 2018 Honda Accord, the consumers were actually pretty happy with what they had to offer under the sheet. The design looks sleek and premium and most people did not have any issue with it.

That along with Honda’s reliability and the long list of new tech and safety tech would have been enough for the sedan to reach its targeted sales but it is not enough anymore. Most people believe that the lack of interest in sedan models right now could be the main reason why the Accord is suffering.

Since the vehicle was just given an upgrade, the 2019 model will most likely come without many changes. Honda did try to improve things by offering a cut in lease price but is that going to be enough? What else do you think Honda should do?

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