2019 Honda Accord: Is There Any Other Way?

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Despite everything that Honda is doing for the Honda Accord right now, it does not look like it is working as the sales of the Honda Accord continues to stay before the targeted number. Is there anything Honda can do at this point?

Honda is not really at fault here as they actually did a good job with the 2018 Honda Accord. The vehicle had everything we could ever ask for in a sedan. The new design looked great and the vehicle came pack with tons of features and safety tech but that was not enough to convince the people to forget about the SUVs and crossover and consider the sedan once more.

For the 2019 model, Honda also announces that they will be cutting the lease price for the Honda Accord but at this point, it does not look like it would help much. Should Honda follow Ford’s footsteps and give up on the sedan or should they keep fighting?