2019 Honda Accord: Honda Running Out Of Ideas

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It is clear that sedans are not getting the attention it got a few years ago now and while some automakers like Ford has already made their opinions clear about the future of sedans, it looks like Honda is not ready to give up on it yet but is there anything they can do about it?

The bring the Honda Accord into the spotlight, Honda has the 2018 Honda Accord a huge upgrade and includes an exterior upgrade along with a few interior and tech upgrade. Although most people were happy with what Honda had to offer on the sedan, the sales numbers did not reflect that at all.

Since the Accord was upgraded for 2018, we were already expecting the 2019 model to come with minimal upgrades but to sweeten the deal, Honda has announced that the Accord will be getting a cut in lease price but it does not seem to be enough to boost the sales of the Honda Accord.

Is there anything Honda can do to boost the sales of the Honda Accord now?

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