2019 Honda Accord: From Bad To Worse Despite Reviews

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Now is not the best time for sedans as people seem to be more interested in SUVs and crossovers right now which means automakers like Honda will have to offer a lot more to make sure models like the Accord get the attention it needs. With all the upgrades that were given to the 2018 Honda Accord, is it enough?

The 2018 Honda Accord was given a redesign to match what the Honda Civic is offering right now which is great news but it also means that the 2019 model will most likely come with minimal exterior changes. Other features like the performance, tech and safety features should also remain the same.

The 2018 model got great reviews which means the 2019 model should be the same as well but things are not turning for the better despite all the upgrades. The Honda Accord is just not selling as well as their competitors to the point where Honda had to offer a cut in its lease price to make the Accord more attractive.

With so many things going against the Accord, the future is not looking too good for the sedan. Do you think it can survive this?

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