2019 Honda Accord: Can Honda Really Save It?

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With the sudden rise in demand for crossover and SUV models, the sedans are the ones taking the hit and that includes the once popular Honda Accord. Although Honda did not follow in Ford’s footstep and announce that they will be giving up on their sedan yet, some people think it would eventually lead to that if Honda does not do something soon.

The Honda Accord was given a redesign for 2018. The new design was very well received. That on top of the reliability of the Honda Accord would be more than enough to secure its spot under normal circumstances but it is clearly not enough now as the vehicle’s sales showed.

We are not expecting to see any drastic upgrades happening for the 2019 model in terms of design and powertrain since it is so new but should Honda be doing anything to give it a better fighting chance?

At this point, do you think the Accord is still relevant or it is time for it to go?

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