2019 Ford Ranger: Trailer Owners Won’t Be Blind Anymore

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Drivers will usually have to drive blind if they choose to add a trailer to the back of their truck but the 2019 Ford Ranger won’t have to do that anymore as Ford announce their new system that will help the drivers “See” even with a trailer.

According to Ford, the 2019 Ford Ranger will come fitted with the new Blind Spot Information System radar which can monitor blind spots behind a trailer. The radar is located in the trucks’ taillight and will tell the driver if it detects a vehicle in the truck’s blind spot with a light on the side rearview mirror.

Drivers can record the profile of three trailers. The feature will be offered as a standard feature on the 2019 Ford Ranger XLT model and the others might get it as an optional feature.

After years of staying away from the US market, Ford is finally be bringing it back but details like hp, price, towing capacity and more are still a mystery.

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