2019 Ford Ranger Takes On F-150 Looks Not Broncos

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We have seen the new 2019 Ford Ranger out in testing in Michigan and while the vehicle was kept under wraps, it didn’t come with the usual camouflage that test vehicles have to hide away the new looks.

There may be two reasons for this. The first could be that the American variation of the Ford Ranger might take on the looks of the global one, or the carmaker used sheet metal to cover up the parts for the US exclusive version.

The bodywork of the global variation of the 2019 Ford Ranger could be way too simple looking for the US. Ford may lower the front and back of the Ford F-150 without having to lose the side stampings and there may be C-shaped headlights and a three bar grille.

Before we saw the camouflaged Ford Ranger it was said that the vehicle might take on the looks of the Ford Bronco. People said that as it shares the same platform as the Bronco. However the recent spy photos seem to suggest that it will take on the look of the Ford F-150 instead.

At the moment we haven’t had official news about the engines of the Ford Ranger, but it is thought that it will come with the new 10 speed automatic transmission developed by GM and Ford.