2019 Ford Ranger Jump The Gun

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The 2019 Ford Ranger online configurator was supposed to go up next week but it looks like Ford could not contain their own excitement as the configurator went up online this week. spotted the online configurator and we already knew about some of the details, information like the pricing was a mystery until now. According to the configurator, the Ford Ranger XL will retail for $25,095.

The Ford Ranger will be running on the 2.3 liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine. The configurator was taken down soon after people started talking about it so you can’t get into it now but there are more than enough screenshots out there to see.

Ford later told Autoblog that the pricing on the configurator was not final and that the full configurator will be release next week. They also added that regular cab will not be an option on the 2019 Ford Ranger model.

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