2019 Ford Focus: Anytime Now

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The Ford Focus has been spotted more than a few times and Ford had made sure that the vehicle was well covered every time so that we don’t get much from it and it is no exception this time.

However, unlike the last few prototypes, this was actually covered in a more cartoonish vinyl wrap. The wrap even has a speech bubble with the text “We’ve got to keep this under wraps!”.

Overall, there is nothing new to learn here. The vehicle was given a fancier LED lamp this time. The rest of the details looks similar to all those that we have seen on the previous prototype.

Looking at how thinly veiled these vehicles are, we are expecting the Ford Focus to make its debut real soon. At this point, most people believe that we will be seeing it at the New York Auto Show but if it does not, then we might have to wait until the LA Show before we can see what Ford is hiding underneath those wraps.

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