2019 Chevrolet Camaro: You Won’t Recognize It

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Although Chevrolet did change the design of the Chevrolet Camaro more than a few times over the years, most of the time, they will try to keep the vehicle looking similar to the previous model but Chevrolet decided to take it one step further with the midcycle refresh this time around.

Chevrolet showed off what the midcycle Chevrolet Camaro will look like and we were all surprised by how much Chevrolet had done to the design of the vehicle. Instead of a simple grille upgrade, the vehicle in the image had a completely different front. The changes are even more drastic on the V8 model which now has a huge black grille covering most of the front.

Chevrolet also reveals that they will be adding a new 1LE variant to the line-up. No price was announced but we should learn more about that when the upgraded Chevrolet Camaro goes on sale later this year.

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