2019 Buick Cascada Convertible Future Looking Bleak

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It looks like Cascada is looking to let go of some of their models. The automaker announces the names of the vehicles that they will be killed off by the end of this year and one of the vehicles mentioned was the 2019 Opel Cascada.

While we have not heard from Buick yet, most people now believe that the Buick Cascada will also be leaving the market when the Open Cascada leaves since the Buick Cascada is basically the same car with a different badge.

Other think that Buick might still continue on with the Cascada but once Opel stop producing it, Buick will have to find a new manufacturing location for the convertible and it does not feel like Buick is going to do so much for a vehicle that is not that popular.

Buick might release an official statement in the near future but for now, they have nothing to say about the matter.

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