2019 BMW Z4 Knows How To Please Purists

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While automakers have made a lot of improvements to the auto transmission in general, the purist will always argue that the auto transmission will never be as good as the manual transmission but many of them are left with no choice now as more and more automakers are choosing to drop the manual in favor of the auto. Luckily for the purist, BMW is still on their side, well, at least they are when it comes to the BMW Z4.

One of the latest set of spy images showed that the vehicle came with a manual transmission confirming what the fans have suspected for a while. This should help keep the Z4 fun and zippy.

Besides catching a glimpse of the transmission box, spies also managed to peep at the paper on the dashboard which reveals that the BMW Z4 will be powered by a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine that will be offering about 195hp. It also states that the vehicle will go into production in November 2018.

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