2019 BMW X4 Looks But Does Not Play The Part?

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The 2019 BMW X4 comes in with a much more sporty looking exterior and while we do like what the BMW X4 has to offer in terms of design but is it actually that sporty?

Everything about the BMW X4 screams sportiness from the exterior design to the interior which comes with a lot of premium materials, soft-touch plastics, leather and more. Everything does feel nice and luxurious. The storage is also great on the X4 as you can probably fit three adults in the rear bench and won’t feel too tight.

The vehicle also comes with features like the 18inch alloy wheels, parking sensors, sat-nav, adaptive headlights, dual zone climate control, automatic tailgate and more.

However, according to the test done by CarBuyer, the car the far from the sporty vehicle that they want the consumers to believe. You can check out the full review here and see if you agree with what they have to say.

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