2019 BMW M5 Front Expose Thanks To Game

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BMW have been trying really hard to make sure nobody gets any more details from BMW until they are ready to reveal the vehicle but we still got to see how the new BMW M5 might look like thanks to Need For Speed Payback.

The new title card for the game was release and some fans quickly notice that the BMW sitting in the back might be the M version that BMW has been trying to keep away from us.

The vehicle does look like an M model but it does not look like the M3, M4 or M750i leading many to believe that it might actually be the upcoming BMW M5 model. The headlights of the vehicle do matches what we have seen so far and the front bumper and grilles looked similar to the test mules that spies have been spotting.

Of course, this is far from a confirmation but you can check out the image yourself and decide if it is really the upcoming BMW M5.

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