2018 Volkswagen Atlas Won’t Hide Like Honda Ridgeline

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When the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas arrives it isn’t going to be in hiding the same as the Honda Ridgeline was. We say this as the Ridgeline will not be made available outside of North America but the VW will be making its way into Europe with the diesel engine.

We previously heard that the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas would be making its way to Russia but now it seems that it is also making its way to Europe too. The carmaker is considering the prospects of a version of the Atlas with a 190 horses power 2 TDI engine.

There are some worries from Volkswagen that the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas could be a little on the large side to fit inside garages in Europe. However, some countries in Europe do like a fullsized SUV and it would go up against the Touareg.

If there is to be a 2018 Volkswagen Atlas in Europe then it would be made at the factory in Chattanooga in the US. The Middle East may also get the vehicle and it could prove to be very popular.

The US version is going to be MQB based and it will be sold from next spring in the US. This is to be the biggest vehicle to come from Volkswagen and it will have the 2 litre 238 horsepower and 280 horsepower 3.6 litre VR6 gas engines with eight speed automatic. The four cylinder is going to offer front-wheel drive and the six cylinder will have the 4Motion.

At the moment we don’t have the pricing for the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas but it is thought that it will come in cheaper than the Tourareg and this is going to be $49.99 over in the US.

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