2018 Volkswagen Atlas Can’t Do Anything About Subaru Ascent

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Since the Volkswagen Atlas did come earlier than the Subaru Ascent, you would think that it will have the advantage of arriving earlier than the Subaru Ascent but the fact is that the Atlas can’t compete with what the Ascent has to offer right now.

The seven-seater might be late to the party but Subaru ensures that it has a place in the market by fitting it with tons of off-road features so it won’t be drowned out by all the other seven-seaters that we have in the market right now.

Besides coming with a long list of off-road feature, the Subaru Ascent will come riding on the Viziv-7 concept platform. With all these, it might even be able to take on the Durango. The base model will retail for $31,995 right now while the Touring model will retail for $44,695.

Would you choose the Volkswagen Atlas over the Subaru Ascent?

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