2018 Toyota Supra: Want A Roadster? Too Bad.

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Where you hoping for a drop top variation of the 2018 Toyota Supra? Well you might have to give up waiting and instead go for the BMW Z5. The vehicle has just been seen with its production body along with the rear end, which up until now has been elusive.

The BMW Z5 is the replacement to the Z4 and it will keep the price tag of the current Z4 on the market. There are two choices of engine and the base is the 2 litre turbocharged four cylinder offering 252 horses. The top of the range is the 3 litre inline-six offering 340 horses and this is the same engine found in the M140i.

The BMW Z5 shares its platform with the Toyota Supra that people are waiting for and we are expecting to see a hybrid version come our way. Don’t hold your hopes up for the Z5 M as we haven’t heard anything official and it is looking slim, but of course not totally impossible.

The BMW Z5 will offer up the classic ragtop roof as opposed to the retractable hardtop and it promises a more retro approach, which some fans of BMW may not take to, while others will welcome. So if you were after the 2018 Toyota Supra and you wanted a roadster the Z5 is food for thought.

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