2018 Toyota Supra Takes Limelight Away From BMW Z5

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Things haven’t been too good for the BMW Z4 as it has only sold 1,800 units in the last year in the US and in August of this year only 800 units. This is the result of the vehicle needing a total rebuild.

Now with the 2018 BMW Z5 this is just what is about to happen. However the downside is that the Toyota Supra has taken the limelight away from it.

The Toyota Supra and the BMW Z5 share a great deal and this includes the architecture along with the same hardware, but at the moment no one has been missing the sports car from Germany.

The Toyota Supra is a classic of course and it has been said to be making a return for many years. With it being absent for around 15 years there are some who missed it and want the vehicle to make a return to the market. They were happy to hear that this is exactly what is going to happen when it was revealed earlier on this year.

BMW might have wished that they had waited and allowed time for people to miss the BMW Z4 before they came up with the successor to it, after all absence does seem to make the heart grow fonder.

Some people do think that the BMW Z5 is the gate crasher to the Toyota Supra party, and there are some who don’t like the fact that the Supra has been infused with some of the elements of the BMW. We have seen this based on the spy photos of the sports car.

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