2018 Toyota Camry Showing Too Much Teeth

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The Toyota Camry was in need of an upgrade so the fans were excited when Toyota announce that they will be giving the Camry a new design but that does not mean that they are going to be happy with the design that Toyota choose for the Camry.

While we are happy that Camry finally got rid of the older design, we are not sure that the new direction is the way to go either. Looking at the new Camry, it looks like Toyota took a lot of their inspiration from Lexus.

Most of the design is great but the huge Lexus grille has always been an issue with the fans and they are not happy that Toyota would choose to bring that over to the Cary as well. Of course, we have not seen how the production model will look like yet and chances are Toyota will tone things down a little but whether it is going to be toned down enough to please the consumers, that is a whole other matter.

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