2018 Toyota Camry Looking Bleak To Lexus

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We know that sedans sales have been going down as people shift their attention to larger and higher models like the SUVs, Crossovers, and Truck. If this continues on, how will the future look like for sedans like the Toyota Camry?

Even though the Toyota Camry still has a huge following right now, things could change soon as even Lexus thinks that the future of sedans is bleak. They did not refer to the Camry specifically but they did say that their Lexus GS will not stand a chance in the future if nothing is done now.

Toyota’s Global Branding Chief, Tokua Fukuichi thinks that if sedans like the GS wants to stay, they will have to be more dynamic and less formal as SUVs are slowly becoming more appealing than the sedans and that is bad news for the sedans.

Do you think the sedans will still be relevant in the near future or are we looking at the end of the roads for sedan models like the Lexus GS and Toyota Camry?

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