2018 Toyota Camry: Lexus A Bad Influence

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We like the fact that Toyota is finally going to give the Camry the upgrade it deserves but what the fans do not like is what Toyota choose to bring over from the Lexus models.

Fans have been complaining about how ugly the new Lexus grille are as many of them feel like the grills are just too big for the vehicle. You would think that with all these complaints, Toyota will not dare offer it on their Toyota Camry but that was exactly what Toyota did.

Other than the grille, it looks like the fans were pretty happy with what Toyota plans to offer. Of course, Toyota did say that the actual production model might look a little different when the time comes so there is still hope that the grille might not be that big.

It is believed that the Camry production will start in June or July this year.

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