2018 Toyota Camry Expects To Disappoint In Sales

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Even though the 2018 Toyota Camry is an improvement the car maker isn’t hopeful that the sales will be good. They are fearing the worst thanks to CUVs taking over popularity of regular vehicles in the US.

The senior vice president of automotive operations said that they sold 388,000 in 2016 and they were looking at a push. However he said that they are not expecting the annual volume of the 2017 Toyota Camry to go past 400,000. He said that this wasn’t in their plan during 2017.

The sales of the Toyota Camry were down by 9.5% during 2016 and it was the first time that they hadn’t made the 400,000 annual delivery mark since 2011. When the 6th generation Camry was launched in 2006, the sales were up by 3.9% and this saw them deliver 448, 445 units.

During quarter one of 2017 Toyota is going to produce 2.2% less vehicles over in the US than they did the year before. It was said that they realise they have to build to the market and it seems that the US don’t want midsized sedans at the moment.

Of course they are expecting the 2017 Toyota Camry to help push up sales, but they are not confident that it will be able to stabilize the sales among the midsized car segment.

At the moment the Toyota Camry, Altima and Accord are the best-sellers in the midsized sedan category in the US, but all saw a loss of sales during last year. Growth may be slight for midsized sedans during 2017, while compact CUVs have taken over.

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  1. John Milner

    January 16, 2017 at 8:40 am

    Personally, it sure seems people will just even complain about Cold Ice Cream, even if it tastes good.

    Toyota has most, if not all competition beat when it comes to Quality, Dependability, and Safety. Most of the commenters come across like Trump Critics. ……………………….Looks, Boring = that just means there’s not enough notoriety to emulate ones disposition and self esteem.

    I have a 2003 Camry with 240,000 miles on it (combined driving). Just replaced the front brake pads for the first time, same rear brakes, same exhaust system, same charging system. Only ever replaced batteries, serpentine belt (one time), tires (fair wear and tear) and driver’s window motor. Nothing else. And by the way, no oil leaks on the engine or the ground. Mileage is almost still relatively the same because of routine fluid changes and Preventive Maintenance.

    Counterparts wise……..would likely be exhaust system, shocks, alternator, leaks, mileage, engine and transmission issues, dependability and on and on………..and yes, I will definitely buy another Toyota Product.

    Look and the junk Chrysler, Ford and Cadillac put out. Dependability is not a high point by any means.