2018 Tesla Model 3: Performance To Come After Production Hell

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We have already seen the unveiling and delivering of the first 30 Tesla Model 3 model but that is not all Tesla plans to offer.

At the event, Telsa reveals that they will be offering two version of their Tesla Model 3. A standard model and another with a longer range. It was later revealed that there might be a performance version in the future as well.

When asked when we would get to see the performance model, Elon Musk reveals that they might also release the performance version next year as they want to focus on getting the Tesla Model 3 out of the production hell now.

Adding the performance version to their already full plate would certainly complicate things. We do not know much about the performance model but a new report suggests that the vehicle will come with the 310-mile battery pack along with motors just like what they did with the Model S and Model X.

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