2018 Subaru WRX STi: New Clues Dropped

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Sure, people were saddened by the fact that the Subaru WRX has seemingly dropped way behind the finish line (as Ford Focus RS could take its place instead). But Subaru has got better plans, or so it seems. That’s because apparently, the automaker would be introducing their version of a modular chassis, and the Subaru Global Platform would be responsible for all future models of the brand.

Subaru claims that the new platform could offer 70-100 percent greater rigidity compared to the company’s current models, so that would also mean for better handling and stability of the car during driving. The stiffer chassis is expected to provide less vibration throughout the vehicle, especially from the steering wheel to the seats.

Besides, customers are promised to be expecting better driving experiences in future Subarus too. That shouldn’t be hard for the company to keep, and we’re hoping that they still stay true to their values. Since Subaru claims the new platform lowers the centre gravity by 0.2-inches in order to sharpen the handling, and mounting the rear stabiliser directly to the body to reduce body roll by 50%, it should be a pretty exciting phase for us to look forward to.

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