2018 Subaru Ascent Suffers Same Fate As VW Atlas & Honda Pilot

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Initial details of the Subaru Ascent suggest that the vehicle was going to give models like the Volkswagen Atlas and Honda Pilot a run for their money but maybe it would suffer the same fate as the others?

With so many three-row SUV to compete with, the Subaru Atlas will need to have something extra to offer if they plan to stand out. Some people think that the Subaru Ascent’s off=road drive would give it an edge over their rivals but some people are starting to wonder if that alone is enough.

With the new platform, the Subaru Ascent will be one of the most rugged three-row models out there. In fact, it would even take on models like the Dodge Durango but if off-road is not really what the consumers are looking for, what else would the Subaru Ascent have to offer?

If you had to pick a three-row SUV now, would the Subaru Ascent even be considered?

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  1. Al Dorow

    February 28, 2018 at 10:41 am

    Off-Road? What does this vehicle offer that the others in the class don’t. This doesn’t seem to be something I would even think of to replace my Lexus GX. It does have good ground clearance but a little confused by the off-road comment.