2018 Nissan Z Takes Step Backwards In Time

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When the Nissan Z arrived on the market it was small and light, however things turned out very different on the model of today as it is now very bulky.

Many fans of the Nissan Z have hoped that the carmaker would take a step backwards in time with the new version. It seems that many people would like to see the Z go back to what it once was, light and small.

Nissan hasn’t said anything about building the 2018 Nissan Z but there are rumours going around that they may be working on one. Rumours suggest that the new vehicle would have the base of the Infiniti Q60.

If this proves to be true then the 2018 Nissan Z really would be smaller and lighter. We have also heard it said that the vehicle could offer up the same 400 horsepower engine that the Q60 has at the moment.

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