2018 Nissan Z: Infiniti Should Give It A Hand

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Although there have been a lot of talk about the Nissan Z possibly making a comeback, we have not heard much about it but if they do decide to give it the thumbs up, the fans feel like Infiniti should step in to give it a hand.

While the fans are hoping that the Nissan Z would make a comeback, it looks like the Nissan Z will only be welcome if Nissan goes back to the past with the Nissan Z. When the Nissan Z was first released, it was a light and nimble model that was extremely fun to drive but that is definitely not what you will be saying about the last Nissan Z model.

Fans are hoping that the new model will go back to being small, fun and nimble. They added that Nissan should look at the Infiniti Q60 and come out with a new Nissan Z that is closer to that.

Of course, we still do not know if the Nissan Z is going to come back or not but if it does, what would you like to see?

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