2018 Nissan Leaf Shows Bolt How It Is Done

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The Nissan Leaf might be struggling to keep up with the Bolt when it comes to range and efficiency but it is still one of the best EV powered models out there. If you need another reason why you should consider the 2018 Nissan Leaf check out its Euro NCAP crash testing.

The Nissan Leaf was tested for its safety in Europe and it was given 5 stars out of 5 from Euro NCAP. According to the reports, the Nissan Leaf manages to score a 93% for the adult occupant safety, 86% for children, 71% for pedestrian and 71% safety assist.

Overall, those scores were better than what the Bolt had when it was tested. The Chevrolet Bolt was given an 82% for adult safety, 73% for children, 75% for pedestrian and 72% for safety assists.

We are still waiting for IIHS to do their safety test on the Leaf but looking at the Euro NCAP scores, we are expecting the Leaf to do great.

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