2018 Nissan Leaf Owner Felt Cheated By Nissan?

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When the 2018 Nissan Leaf was released, Nissan announces that the vehicle would have 235 miles of electric range to offer and that it would only need 40 minutes to be charged up to 80 percent but according to some of the owners, that is not what they are getting from their Nissan Leaf right now.

Nissan did change the estimated charging time from 40 to 60minutes but that is not what the owners are concerned about. Some owners pointed out that when they require a second or third rapid charge, it does not charge up that quickly.

The explanation from Nissan is that the ambient temperature and the driving the owner did before that would affect the charging time.

Besides the charging time, some owners also complain that they could not get 235miles of electric range from the Nissan Leaf. In fact, the Worldwide Harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedure reported that the vehicle could only offer 168miles of range which is worrying. Hopefully, Nissan will have an answer for that soon.

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