2018 Nissan Leaf May Be Getting Closer To Renault Zoe

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The Nissan Leaf has been doing very well abroad recently and this is one of the reasons why the car maker hasn’t been rushing to get out the next generation of the vehicle. It was thought that it would come out as a 2017 model but this isn’t going to happen and it is thought that we are going to have to wait until 2018 to see it.

The car maker isn’t going to hold off when it comes to the next generation of the Nissan Leaf. The vehicle is going to have a new scalable platform that is going to be behind many new all-electric vehicles.

Nissan is bringing out a zero emission subcompact crossover and it is thought that they are getting ready to offer up a smaller five door hatchback that will be a brother for the Nissan Leaf. We don’t know what this is going to be called right now but it should be close to the Renault Zoe and have the same engine as the top-seller in Europe.

Fans of the Nissan Leaf should expect to see the refresh of the EV to come with a battery of 40kWh and this should be able to offer around 160 mile range from just one single charge. The 60kWh battery is going to appear on the second generation and this should offer up 200 miles.

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