2018 Nissan Leaf Going Topless

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We would never have thought that Nissan would actually chop the top off the Nissan Leaf but what you are seeing here is real and not just some concept that some artist came out with.

The Nissan Leaf Convertible was made to celebrate Nissan having sold 100,000 Leaf in Japan. Seeing how popular the Leaf is, we were a little surprised that they only manage to hit the 100,000 mark now Japan but it is still a huge step for Nissan.

Called the Leaf Open Car, the vehicle was only given two doors but it was still fitted with the rear seats. Although we do like what we are seeing here, we can forget about ever seeing this on the road as Nissan has made it clear that this is not going to be a production model since it would not make sense.

What do you think of a convertible Nissan Leaf, would you like to see it on the road or do you think it should remain where it is now?

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