2018 Nissan Leaf: A Little Too Late Now

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When Nissan first came out with the Nissan Leaf, the vehicle was a huge hit. However, as more and more rivals entered the battlefield, the Nissan Leaf was slowly pushed to the back and yet Nissan chooses not to do anything about it.

After years of waiting for an upgrade, Nissan finally released the new model last year but a lot of fans feel like it might be too late for the Nissan Leaf. The current Nissan Leaf comes in with a 60kWh battery that will be offering about 200miles of electric range.

While that is a huge upgrade from the previous model, it is not exactly what the consumers want right now. The consumers were asking for that a few years ago but now, it is no longer enough.

With models like the Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt both offering more range and more new tech, the Nissan Leaf is already starting to look old and dated. What do you think Nissan should do to save the Nissan Leaf?

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