2018 Nissan 300Z May Be Ideal Successor Of 370Z

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The Nissan 350Z and 370Z are both getting on in age now and both are just screaming out for a successor to arrive. Now we are hearing that the 2018 Nissan 300Z is being developed and it will be the ideal successor when it arrives on the market next year.

The vehicle has the name of the Nissan 300Z due to the fact that it offers the 3 litre twin turbocharged V6 engine. The 2 litre one is going to be the same one that was given to the new version of the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport.

The vehicle is going to offer a refined engine of 430 horses as opposed to the 400 horsepower and this should make the 2018 Nissan 300Z that bit more special along with it being more attractive.

People also hope that the 2018 Nissan 300Z might come with a retro look, such as that offered by the Fiat 124 Spider. If it does then the vehicle is going to offer plenty of flair and it should also make it more attractive than the 370Z.

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