2018 Mercedes X-Class May Lead Way For Acura Ridgeline

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The upcoming 2018 Mercedes X-Class may lead the way for the Acura Ridgeline as Acura is waiting to see what the public thinks about the X-Class first. If all goes as planned then Acura may offer up their own brand of luxury pickup truck.

So if the2018 Mercedes X-Class is welcomed by the public, what might we see from Acura? We know that their vehicles are based around the vehicles from Honda, so it is possible that we could see the Acura Ridgeline. This would of course be a Ridgeline that came with plenty of luxury.

You may or may not like to think about a luxury pickup, but the Acura Ridgeline would certainly be competition to the 2018 Mercedes X-Class whether you like it or not. After all there really isn’t anything that stands out about the design of the X-Class.

The Mercedes X-Class offers up the same structure as the Nissan pickup so the luxury parts only play a minor role. Due to this the Acura Ridgeline would be designed with what was needed to take on the X-Class.

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