2018 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Places 400hp Bounty On Audi RS3

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The Audi RS3 should be very worried as Mercedes are working on a new engine that is going to give the 2018 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 a boost to 400 horses.

At the moment the Mercedes-AMG CLA45 offer up 375 horses thanks to the 2 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine. Mercedes don’t think this is enough and at 187.5 horses/litre output the engine is pushed to the limits. This is the reason they are in the midst of coming up with a new engine for the next gen vehicles.

The boss of Mercedes-AMG gave confirmation that a new engine is being made and while the engine hasn’t been finalized it will offer up more than 400 horses. Work is underway on the new engine and they are giving up on the four-cylinder. Increasing the power in the current engine would make heat management very difficult, while a new engine would mean there would be room for offering up something between the CLA/GLA250 and “45” cars.

The Mercedes-AMG CLA45 is going to be competing against the Audi RS3 sedan as this vehicle offers up 400 horses and five-cylinders.

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