2018 Mazda CX-5 Has Same Hybrid Plans As Subaru Forester Hybrid

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All electric vehicles are the in-thing and in the crossover and SUV segment this includes hybrids. Following on from the Toyota RAV4 success, the Nissan Rogue is now offered in a hybrid and it is thought that we could be about to see the same from the next generation of the Honda CR-V.

However this isn’t going to apply to the Mazda CX-5 as Mazda doesn’t have plans for taking on alternate fuel or electric vehicles for another decade.

The car maker wants to get as much efficiency out of the SkyActiv engines before then finally give up on there being a better way to get more mileage that to go hybrid.

Mazda isn’t alone in taking this stance as Subaru also has plans for going electric in the future; however this is something that isn’t going to happen for several years.

Subaru hasn’t taken such a drastic route as Mazda as they do offer a hybrid Crosstrek crossover along with the Impreza compact sedan. When it comes to the Forester it is going to join the Mazda CX-5 as it will offer no hybrid or electric vehicle within the compact SUV segment.

The Forester is going to gain better fuel economy from taking on the Subaru Global Platform and the next generation Mazda CX-5, which is coming our way in 2018, should adopt the 2.5 litre turbocharged four cylinder SkyActiv engine that comes from the CX-9.

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