2018 Mazda 6 Turtle Pace Will Cost It

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Mazda has been making more than a few right decision when it comes to the design and performance of their vehicles but they seem to have forgotten that the tech and features are as important as the design and performance.

While most of the automakers are rushing to get the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support ready for their vehicles, Mazda decided not to offer the feature as they feel like what they have to offer now is good enough but it clearly was not as their customers voiced out how disappointed they were that Mazda was not going to give them the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay update.

Mazda later announces that they will, in fact, be offering the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and that they are working on the update but things have gone quiet since then. We still do not know when Mazda will release it and some people are already saying that they are considering some other models as it does not look like the update is going to arrive anytime soon.

Mazda might want to speed things up a little if they want to keep their fans around.

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