2018 Mazda 3 Will Show Civic How It Is Done

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Mazda is more than ready to take on the Honda Civic with their 2018 Mazda 3 model especially now that they have a new engine ready to go.

The 2018 Mazda 3 will be coming in with a new engine. The Skyactive-G engine will be using pressure instead of spark plugs to ignite the fuel. So what does that mean for the Mazda 3? Well, with the new method, the engine will be 30% more fuel efficient than the previous Skyactive engine, that is a huge jump.

To top it off, Mazda also added that the engine will also help reduce the emission rate of the vehicle significantly. The Mazda 3 will be the first model to come with the engine but the others will follow soon after.

With the new Skyactive engine, the Mazda 3 should have a mileage of about 70.5 miles per gallon and should return 43mpg combined which is much higher than the 35mpg that the Honda Civic is offering right now.

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