2018 Lexus LC F Could Roast Acura NSX With 600hp

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The 2018 Lexus LC F may be about to give the Acura NSX a roasting thanks to the fact that it offers up 600 horses, while the NSX offers 573 horses.

There has been plenty of evidence that Lexus is getting ready to show off the high performance Lexus LC F version of the LC and we hear that it will be on show at the Tokyo Motor Show this year. It has been said that the model is going to come with a price tag that is twice that of the $92,995 you have to pay to get behind the wheel of the LC 500.

Sources suggest that the Lexus LC F isn’t going to offer up the naturally aspirated V8 5 litre engine that offers 471 horses, which is seen in the LC 500 and it won’t have the V6 3.5 litre from the LC 500h. Instead it has been suggested that it will come with the V8 4 litre biturbocharged engine, which would be two 2.0 litre turbocharged engines that is in the Lexus NX.

It is thought that it might offer 600 horses along with 470 torque, the engine in the Lexus LC F is going to come with the 10 speed automatic gears. The vented hood would take on a meaner look, as would the fixed wing at the back and the brake cooling ducts.

Recently Lexus trademarked the name LC F along with protecting Lexus LC F and this gives a big hint about the existence of the vehicle. The LC 500 is going to be offered for sale in the US in May.

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