2018 Lamborghini Urus Will Come Just In Time For The Holidays

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All eyes will be on Lamborghini when they take the covers off the all-new Lamborghini Urus. This will be Lamborghini first attempt at offering an SUV so it will be interesting to see if Lamborghini can achieve the same kind of success as Porsche when they first brought of the Cayenne.

According to Lamborghini, they will be revealing the Urus on the 4th of December and they plan to deliver the vehicles to their customers from mid-2018 onwards.

Lamborghini is hoping that the SUV will help them increase their annual sales as they plan to sell 4000 units of the Urus alone. Last year, Lamborgini sold a total of 3457 vehicles, with the Urus, their target is to sell more than 7000unit by 2019.

To help make this happen, Lamborghini will be expanding the size of their factory to twice its original size which should help ensure that their customers won’t be waiting too long for the vehicles.

The Lamborghini Urus will come with a 200,000 Euro price tag.

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