2018 Kia GT May Be Poor Man’s BMW M6

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Kia has given confirmation that they are making a small number of performance based road legal vehicles in the future and they are going to take on the GT branding.

One of the vehicles is said to be the 2018 Kia GT and this is a sports coupe with four doors and it will be the first to come from Kia.

The 2018 Kia GT has been called the GT Stinger and we saw it going around the Nurburgring track doing laps. There is a video below if you want to check out the vehicle and see how it did on the track.

The Kia GT Stinger was covered by camouflage, however thanks to the roofline that slopes and the pointy doors you could tell that this is a four door coupe. The vehicle was speeding around the track at an impressive pace.

We think that the Kia GT Stinger is going to be a very exciting vehicle and it is one to watch out for if you are a fan of sports coupes. It may even turn out to be the affordable BMW M6 Gran Coupe that people want.

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