2018 Jeep Wrangler Pickup: Some Hidden Extras We Can Bet On

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Since the Chrysler Group have recently confirmed the arrival for a Jeep Wrangler sometime in 2017, what should you really expect out of it? Sure, many have constantly insisted on a smaller Jeep truck, but now that it’s closer to becoming a reality and here’s our take on what we can expect when it arrives.

There’s the thing with the Wrangler whereby a bed swap would require owners to completely eliminate the rear seat. It’s not to say that it has ample space since the new bulkhead that serves as the rear of the truck cab is positioned directly behind the front seats, therefore there’s only enough space behind the seats for occupying taller drivers or passengers.

We’re betting that this pickup would be dubbed as the only “convertible truck” in the market if it plans to keep the removable top. Also, imagine the lifespan of a true short can pickup with no cargo area or rear seats faring in the market. Do you think it could last that long? It’s highly unlikely, therefore, Jeep would most likely be creating a Wrangler-based pickup that has a bed and seats for the kids. They have to still make it family-friendly.

While we won’t be seeing the pickup anytime soon, do stay tuned for more updates as the production develops.

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